Queen Konoha RBL Screenshot

Mashiro's Rolling up Brown Land Screenshot

Queen Konoha is a Mid-Boss from Mashiro's Roling up Brown Land as her first appearances. She first appears as a mid-boss in the 3rd stage by Raspberry Temples. She give up these Beam Abilities when inhaled this, making her first mid-boss to do so. She is unknown Queen Konoha really is a leader of Waddle Ichigoes, because Konoha is referred to as queen of Waddle Kyoukoes.

Queen Konoha also appears at Mashiro's Dinobot Solution in a more mechanoid form.


Queen Konoha is a largest Waddle Ichigo, about four times the size of a regular one. Nothing after those Waddle Ichigoes, she has yellow long hair with black hairband with a large, black ribbon. Her feet are orange and pointed at the end, giving them her appearance by elf shoes.