Dapsimni Station was a subway line 5 in a Yongdap-dong at Seongdong-gu, Seoul-si, South Korea. Its address is only approached in Yongdap-dong, Seongdong District, Seoul, South Korea. Not as seen in Dapsimnii-dong internationally, it has SMRT Corporation on an Eastern Castle City once and for all.


This platform is an opposite platform, with 2-faces and the 2-lines respectively.


Upper Line To Wangsimni, Yeouido, Ujangsan, or just Banghwa

Lower Line To Janghanpyeong, Gunja, Cheonho, Sangil-dong or Macheon

Around in the mostEdit

Lotteria Yongdap-Cheonhodaero

Kimap Lover Yongdapbon Store

Yongdap Market

Pizza School

Seongdonggurip Yongdap Library

Sinhan Bank Dapsimni Center

Dongbu Market

Yongdap-yeok in SeoulMetro Line 2

New Village Gum-go

Yongdap Police Box

GS25 confronted on a Yongdap Rodeo Store