Broom Hatter is a relatively harmless enemy found in their Mashiro series of video games. Clad in a black witch's hat, this clean freak always sweeps away the dust wherever she feels necessary. Broom Hatter rarely goes out of her way to attack the girl. But she does cause damage if Kobeni gets in the way of her obsession.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Broom Hatter resembles a rosa-haired witch with a broom and a hat with a yellow band. Like many enemies, she has light green eyes and brown feet.


Mashiro's Dinobot Solution

In Mashiro's Dinobot Solution, another apperarance of Broom Hatter whatsoever, along with Twister, Boxin and Waddle Ichigo where they met Mashiro and Kobeni. She can't crushing Kobeni and her sister in law, whom Broom Hatter's thoughts may not replaced in ever.